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Zoe: What?

Jason: Your seat, it’s back there.

He pointed behind to the seat adjacent to his own.

Zoe: Seriously Jason, can’t you just sit in mine?

Jason: No.

He stated flatly.

Zoe: Are you that afraid to break a rule? It’s a seat Jason, and it’s literally right across from here. What’s the big deal?

Jason: The big deal is, if I don’t separate you two, you will both talk incessantly and I will be subjected to hearing the tween club drama as opposed to our actual teacher; whom I’m sure separated you two initially for that very reason.

Zoe: Ugh, You’re such a tool, Jason Yeo. Kens we’ll figure something out later.

Zoe said while scowling at Jason before she collected her things and moved to her own assigned seat.