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Zoe: Kensie, it’s not the end of the world. There will be plenty of trips to Windenburg that we can take together.

Zoe said to her distraught friend as they sat in their first period, English class. The teacher, Mr. Parrish, had yet to arrive, but there was still a few minutes before the bell would ring indicating that everyone should be in their classes, so most students took that opportunity to chat with friends or play on their phones.

Currently, Zoe was trying to alleviate Kensie of her despair over her failing grade, and the likelihood that as a result she would be forbidden to go on their graduation trip the girls had been planning since they were freshmen.

Kensie: How can you say that Zoe? What if this trip was the trip I would meet my soul mate or something? Graduation trips are big Zoe. That’s when things happen..

Zoe placed her hand to her chest, drawing in her breath.

Zoe: You’re right Kens.. trips like this are big.

Kensie: Right? Just imagine, what if the future love of my life is waiting at a quaint cafe, feeling sad and lonely. Feeling like there is no one on this earth for him! What if the stars aligned that we were to meet on this trip, and my father refuses to allow me to go. Do you know what happens when you deny your destiny Zoe? Your soul withers. This could be the end for me and him Zoe!

Kensie proclaimed dramatically causing her friends hands flew to her mouth in shock at the realization.

Zoe: We have to do something Kensie!