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Later that same day, Marissa received a text later from Rory telling (yes telling and not asking) her to come to his dorm room and bring her phone. Ugh, he’s so bossy. She thought to herself, A thought she would soon come realize would cross her mind on a consistent basis. Of course that didn’t stop her from immediately fulfilling his demand.

When she arrived at his dorm room, he let her in and turned to her while holding out his hand.

Rory: Give me your phone.

Marissa: Why?

Rory: Why do you question everything? I need your model number.

He said as he just grabbed her phone from her hand and started navigating quickly through the settings. Marissa frowned at Rory in protest.

Marissa: Well, you’re the one who just demanded my phone! Why can’t you just be nice?

Rory: I am being nice. I’m going to fix your phone for you.