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Kensie: Our art teacher? Why? I mean he was a little odd, but he was a great teacher.

Kensie said in defense of her teacher, who taught the only class she managed A’s in without trying. 

Zoe: Yeah, why would he be fired?

Tara: They found out he was hosting his club in the music room after school hours.

Zoe: That hardly seems worthy of being fired; he’s been here for years. Since my own parents attended here.

Zoe, who not only came from a long line of alumni from there school, but was also in the art class with Kensie, said to Tara.

Tara: Normally you might be right, but a parent discovered it in full swing last night.

Zoe: And?

Tara: And apparently Mr. Dinkins runs a furry club.. and the parent happened to walk in during the “mingle hour”

Kensie: Eww.. Mr. Dinkins is a furry?

Tara shrugged indifferently. Being by far the most opened minded, albeit with questionable morals of the group, very little ever phased Tara.

Tara: Yeah, but that’s not even the best part!

Franicine: There’s a good part to any of this?

Tara: Chandra Myles, whose mom works with the school council in assigning new teachers? Well, she said the new teacher is a total hottie! You guys have to help me get transferred into your elective class with you. 

Kensie rolled her eyes at her boy crazed friend. Sure, she and the rest of their group could appreciate a cute boy, but Tara took it to a whole new level of obsessive. If there were a hot guys involved, Tara would often be the first to be throwing her panties at him.

Kensie: I thought you joined music because it would have hot guys in it? Besides, I wouldn’t take Chandra’s word for it. She did date Russell Polan all last year.

 Tara: That was just so he would get her  the new Simsung phone that hadn’t released yet. His dad is the CEO of the company.

Francine: Chandra dated a guy for a phone? Who does that?

Tara: You haven’t seen what that phone can do.

Francine: Clearly not..

Francine responded to Tara dryly.