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Jae-Hee: Aww, Akio why are you so mean to Emi. She’s new here, don’t you know how scary that is? And, you just sent her off on her own?

Jae-Hee, who up until now had been quiet, couldn’t help but poke a little fun at his best friend, Akio. He knew how much Akio hated to be bothered in general, and whenever Emi was around she made an art form out of bothering his reclusive friend.

Akio: If you’re so worried about her, then why don’t you go help her?

Akio said snidely at Jae-Hee who shrugged and laughed in return.

Jae-Hee: I’d be happy to help her, but it’s not me she wants. She didn’t travel across continents to be with me.

Before either of them could say anymore, a shrill voice cut them off.

Amaya: You’d be happy to? Then why don’t you go chase the little puppy around Jae-Hee! Maybe she’ll lick your nose if you’re extra sweet to her!