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Emi: Whew, finally caught up to you. Didn’t you hear me calling for you back there?

The petite girl asked in Japanese, a language she was more comfortable to converse in. She hadn’t been in the states as long as the Isobe family had, and therefore her mastery of the English language still left much to be desired.  He offered no verbal response, instead he  just stared passively at her and offered a shrug. Not that it bothered Emi- she was use to his aloof nature. Everyone that knew Akio understood what he was like.

Emi: Anyway, so where should I go?

Akio: How would I know, Emi? I don’t make your schedule, and you’re a junior so you won’t be in the same classes as us. Perhaps you should go to the office?

He said flatly to her. Emi giggled nervously while shrugging in response.

Emi: Oh, I guess that would make the most sense. Okay, then. I will see you after school then, right?

Akio: Uhh. sure.. the car will be here to pick us up around 3 o’clock.

Emi beamed at the reassurance Akio would be there after school and waved her farewells to the group, rushing off in the direction of the front office. Akio was left with only one thought, Thank god this year was half over and he would be graduating and off to college.. away from Emi.. and everyone else around here for that matter.