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Amaya: Your puppy is falling behind Akio.

She called in a snarky tone over her shoulder at her brother, who was trailing casually behind his sister and best friend, Jae-Hee. Sighing while his face took on a painful expression, Akio glanced behind to see Emi Konishi struggling to catch up to them.

Emi’s family, who still lived in Japan- which incidentally also happened to be the Isobe twins country of birth, had recently agreed to allow Emi to stay with their family while attending the same prep school with them. Although, her parents were under the impression that Willoughby Academy was a top notch school and would give their young vibrant daughter an esteemed education, which was true, everyone else knew the real reason Emi had begged her parents to let her come study in the states. That reason was, Akio. 

Ever since they were children, and even before the Isobe family moved to the states ten years prior, Emi has had an insurmountable crush on Akio. So, much to his dismay, and even though he has never once hinted at similar affections towards her, she persuaded her parents to let her stay with his family and attend school with them, and today was her first day.