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True to his word, Rory was outside of Marissa’s class waiting for her when she got out. The drive back was relatively quiet and once they arrived back to the dorm, both went about their own devices. 

Marissa found herself snacking on cookies and studying from her class communications text book when one of her dorm mates, Millie Grubb, sat with her in the cafeteria. Millie was a nice girl, and Marissa rather liked her a lot. She was a straight to point type of person, and yet always helpful and considerate of everyone there.

Millie: So, I heard you went on a date with Rory Bailey? He’s extremely pleasing to the eyes. You two look good together.

Marissa: What? Where did you hear that? We didn’t go on a date! We just went and ate at Simburger and went bowling afterwards.

Millie: That’s a date, Marissa.