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Kensie: Ugh.. He’s gonna kill me. Zoe, You can have my Mac lipsticks, and Francine I have a giant stash of pocky in my closet I keep hidden from Austin. it’s all yours.

Francine scoffed at her friends dramatics, something Kensie was well known for.

Francine: Come on. It really can’t be that bad.

Kensie: No.. you guys don’t get it.. the subject I failed..

She said, letting out a slight shudder. Zoe, who also had a tendency for the dramatics, flashed a look of concern at Kensie and spoke in a whispering tone.

Zoe: It’s not math is it?

Kensie: You’re asking that because I’m half Asian, aren’t you?

Zoe: Well.. I mean..

Zoe gave a slight shrug and apologetic smile at her friend. Not that Kensie was even in the slight bit offended anyway.

Kensie: No.. it’s not math. I wish it were. It would be so much easier to explain that failing grade than the one I did get.

Before the girls could discuss the matter any further they were interrupted by their other close friend, Tara Reynard, who seemed to very excited as she rushed to her friends and began speaking in a frenzied tone. 

Francine: Hey Tara.

Tara: Did you guys hear that Mr. Dinkens was fired?