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June 26


*Relationship Status*

*Zodiac sign*

3 sisters & 4 brothers.

4 cats- Suki, Luna, Zula, & Charlie and 1 dog named Hercules (I hate that name.. he’s a Chihuahua that we rescued from a bad situation and that was his name. I should have changed his name to Dobby.. he looks like a Dobby..

*Wake up time*
During the summer.. just what ever time my son wakes me up .. Usually around 6-7 all year round though.

*Lemonade vs. ice tea*
Tea, I don’t like sour shit lol

Total night owl

*Text vs. call*
Text.. I hate talking on the phone

*Ever met a celebrity?*
No.. that would require me to willing leave my house just to socialize lol

*Smile vs. eyes*

*Light or dark hair*


I wouldn’t consider my town country, even though it’s in SC.. Beaufort, SC is more coastal. It’s more similar to Florida, than other southern states.

*Last song listened to*
Chandelier, by Sia

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