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The smell of breakfast wafted straight to her nose and her mouth watered at the sight of stacks of pancakes, eggs and bacon greeting her as she strolled into the kitchen. Kensie’s mother, Rosie, was an amazing cook. She’d have to be to run one of the most prestigious bakeries in the country. Sadly, though Kensie knew she wouldn’t have time to eat the wonderful feast her mother had prepared that morning. 

In an effort to evade being stuck in a car with her father, and what would most likely be the history of all lectures, she had arranged a ride the day before with her best friends, Zoe and Francine, who were due to arrive any moment. Of course she knew that she was only delaying the inevitable. She would eventually have to show him her report card, but that didn’t mean it had to be this moment. 

Rosie: Hi honey. Go ahead and eat your breakfast, you still have a few minutes before your dad is ready.

Rosie said to her daughter, while shaking her hands dry at the sink.

Kensie: Can’t mom. Zoe and Franny are gonna be here any moment. I’m riding with them this morning.

Rosie: Kensie, why would you have Zoe come get you? She already lives close to the school and we are forty-five minutes away!

She asked Kensie as she walked around the bar to confront her daughter. 

Kensie: Zoe and I need to discuss cheer stuff. 

Kensie said as she looked down uncomfortably. She hated lying to her mother. Not that it was a total lie. As captain and co-captain, she and Zoe did need to discuss the cheer weekend coming up next month… It just wasn’t necessary for Zoe to come pick her up this morning to do so.

Rosie: Still, honey that’s a lot to ask of Zoe. Next time just tell us, and your father or I will leave early to take you, okay?

Kensie: Okay mom.

None of this would be an issues of course, if Kensie had her own car; but you needed a license to drive one and Kensie had already failed the test three times.The sound of a distant honking prevented anymore discussion or thought and Kensie turned to hurry towards the backdoor.

Kensie: That’s them, gotta run mom, bye!

She called over her shoulder to Rosie.

Rosie: Why are you going out the back door? There’s no way to the front through there.. Unless you plan on hopping the fence.

Rosie said jokingly, but that’s exactly what Kensie planned to do- anything to avoid the risk of confrontation with her father. She didn’t relay this to her mother though, instead she quickened her pace, leaving a baffled Rosie staring at her daughter and wondering.

Rosie: Was I that weird as a teenager?