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Kensie sat down at her vanity to prepare herself for the day. According to her mother, she’d already hit the snooze three times, which meant she had already lost thirty minutes of precious time to get ready and be out the door before her dad saw her.

For the next forty minutes, Kensie rushed to get dressed, style her hair, and apply her makeup. When she had finally finished her morning beauty routine, she checked out the product of her work appreciatively. Although, her school was a private school and she couldn’t do much about the clothing, nothing else said the rest of her shouldn’t look her best.

Kensie’s mom: Kensie, you need to come down and eat. You are going to cause your father to be late for work.. again.

Another loud reminder from her mother, who was shouting from the stairs below her room, interrupted Kensie’s self appraisal. She winced as her mother mentioned her father. She hoped he wasn’t already downstairs with the family. She still hadn’t shown him her report card from yesterday, and she knew he was not going to be happy when she did. She gave herself another quick once over before reluctantly dragging herself from her mirror and heading downstairs.