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Kenji: Where’s Kensie? Is she ready yet?I have a meeting this morning at the hospital with a patients family that I can’t be late for.

Rosie: Oh she left already. She’s riding with Zoe and Francine today.

Kenji: Uh huh… and did she give you her report card?

Rosie: No. I thought she would have given it to you last night, while I was held up at work.

Kenji: I didn’t even hear her get home from cheer practice and when I went to check later, she was already asleep. I guess since our daughter has gone so well out of her way to avoid giving it to either of us then it is safe to assume that she didn’t do well on it..

Rosie: Come on honey. You don’t know that. She just needed to ride with Zoe this morning to discuss cheerleading.

Kenji: You don’t actually believe that do you?

Kenji asked his wife skeptically.