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Even though thankfully it wasn’t her father who greeted Kensie as she descended the stairs, it wasn’t much better seeing her little brother, Austin there waiting.

Austin: “Did you get your report card? I got all A’s again. What did you get? You know dad said you’re going to be grounded if you have any D’s again. Of course, I told him not to expect too much from you. You are dumb after all.”

He said to his sister smugly.

Kensie: “Beat it you little poop stain.”

Austin: “Mom! Kensie called me a poop stain!”

Kensie & Austin’s mom: “Kensie don’t call your brother a .. that’s disgusting Kensie Nicole!.”

Kensie sighed and walked past her snickering little brother. Austin was an insufferable little brat most of the time, and of course her parents thought he could do no wrong.