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File No. 18: Olliver Vine, sim gift for simtaku

Traits: Good Sense of Humor | Social Butterfly | Inappropriate | Hopeless Romantic | Charismatic
Favs: Stu Surprise | Hip Hop | Spice Brown
Sign: Virgo

Male, early 20s. Sims University freshman, majoring in Business. Has a family full of women: His mom and three elder sisters. Due to his home environment, he knows when to shut up (and listen) when talking to girls. His good sense of humor and easy adaptability in new environment and around new people helps boost his popularity around campus but people tend to back away once they found out about his inappropriateness. Ollie is a hopeless romantic and thinks every girl he goes out with is “the one”. Currently though, he single and ready to mingle. 


CC List: [Tifa] Blush 1, Blush 2 | [SK-Sims] Face Shine |

[Hellohow-low] Eyes Overlay | [Mochi029] Under Lip Shadow | [S-Club] Eyebrows 

| [IN3S] Dry Lips |  [misi-wou-sims] Witching Hour Tattoo | [rgveda] glasses

* He has the default eyes and skin I use in game on but feel free to use your defaults on him ;3


I just love looking at him! Thank you so much for letting him live in my game!!! *SMOVES*

Last, but most certainly not least.. no never least.. Olliver Vine… He hasn’t made it into SOL yet, but he will as soon as the crew get off vacation (and after all of Roryssa is moved over here lol)

Although a little more light than SOL, I miss this one a lot too.