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File No. 17: Liam Bettany, sim request by simtaku

Traits: Athletic | Flirty | Hot-headed | Natural Cook | Supernatural Fan
Favs: Tofu Dog | Pop | Lilac
Sign: Capricorn

Male, early 20s. Sims University freshman, majoring in Communications. He is half Korean thanks to his mother. He has one elder sister, the one who mainly supports his study expenses. Has a very playful attitude and flirts around. Tends to speak without thinking and blurt unrelated random stuff during conversation. Gets smacked on the head for doing so, especially by his sister. Despite his cheery demeanor he is quick to anger but also quick to cool off. Unexpectedly skilled in cooking. In his free time, he plays basketball.


CC List: [Kijiko] Hair | [Simsimi-only-mine] ND Eyes | [Tifa] Blush 1, Blush 2, Eyebag 1, Eyebag 2 | [Mochi029] Eyeshadow, Eyebrows & Lipstick | [SK-Sims] Face Shine 

*I can’t track back his blusher TwT Just put any that looks similar, thanks!

* He has my default skin on but I’m looking forward to see him in your defaults XD

Look at my new lovely from lovely, corianderpunch!!! He’s going in with Rory and Marissa! I can’t wait to play some later tonight when I’m finally home again!

Thank you again!

Next Reblog.. Liam.. oh ever lovely delightful and perverted Liam..

Just one more after this… no one should mind, if there’s one thing that @corianderpunch excels at, it’s providing eye candy that invokes unnatural thoughts concerning pixels…