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File No. 16: Rory Bailey, sim request by simtaku​ 

Traits: Computer Whiz | Frugal | Good Sense of Humor | Hates the Outdoors | Perfectionist
Favs: French Toast | Country | Red
Sign: Sagittarius

Male, early 20s. A Sims University freshman. Eldest son. Very adept at taking care of others from the experience with his two much smaller siblilngs. He is considerably patient towards the people he cares but will not tolerate any form of wastage. Favorite pastime: hacking and solving mathematical equations. Laments that in this modern age people still has to go out to class instead of videoconferencing the whole thing. Is known among his friends as the OCD guy because of his obsession with perfection. (end)


CC List: [2sanghaec] Hair | [Tamo] Glasses | [S-Club] Eyebrows | [SK-Sims] Eye Bag & Face Shine | [Mochi029] Eye Shadow | [Paulean R] Eye Bag | [Pralinesims] Blush | [HelloHow-Low] Billy’s Eye Bag | [IN3S] Dry Lips (NRAAS settings: multiple layer make up & sliders x3)

* He has my default eyes and skin on but I’m looking forward to see him in your defaults XD..

I am so in love! I can’t wait to put him in game and play with him and Marissa! Thank you! ♥♥♥♥ 

Reblogging from my old simblr the posts of the guys @corianderpunch made me for two reasons-

1. So, that I have access to their CC links on my new blog.. just in case shit happens, because one can never be too careful (this is a sims game we are dealing with here..)

2. And most importantly.. because they are beautiful and delicious popsicles and I like to look at any and all pictures I can of them..