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Derek: You know Rory, I take it?

Marissa: Yeah, we’ve hung out a bit.

Derek: Yeah, he’s my dorm mate. Seems alright I suppose, I know you girls tend to like those pretty guys like Rory.  He’s really kind of smart too and way into some serious techy shit. He mostly keeps to himself though; but man is he uptight about the condition of our room. He yelled at me for not making my bed and leaving my stuff on the floor. It’s like living with my mom again.. except he doesn’t cook and wash my clothes for me.

Marissa couldn’t help but to giggle. Derek’s statement was amusing, and the idea of Rory being rigid was equally as funny, because she’d gotten that vibe too at first, but now he always seemed so calm and relaxed when she was around him. I guess because I don’t have to live with him like poor Derek does. She thought while still laughing.