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Marissa agreed but on the way to the bowling alley, her stomach started growling. After Rory chastised her for not eating properly again, he took her to a nearby diner so they could eat first. As they were walking into the building she received a text; but in her hurry to pull her phone from her pocket she managed to drop her phone on the ground.

Marissa: Oh poop! this is gonna cost a fortune to fix.. My parents are gonna kill me..

Random bystander: Dude, your girlfriend is a dingbat.

Rory: Don’t talk about her like that.

Rory said to the guy next to him as he watched Marissa’s face become perplexed while she stubbornly tried to “rub” the cracks off.

Rory: Come on Marissa. I can actually fix it for you later. We will just order the parts. It’ll be cheaper. Let’s go eat.

Marissa nodded sadly and put her phone away. It wasn’t until they were inside that she realized Rory had just defended her to the guy outside.