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Legacy Play – Generation 4 – Kim / Shiloh Family

All of Sri’s patient attention paid dividends when he gave Lila so much pleasure that they made love for most of the night. Neither could quite get enough of the other until both were sated enough to fall into a blissful sleep.

He awoke just before his alarm clock at 5am and reluctantly got himself out of bed so he could get ready for work.

Before he went to the bathroom he looked down Lila sleeping peacefully in his bed and he felt like a complete love machine for the first time in years.

A relationship with the mother of his grandchildren might not be exactly ideal but the heart cannot help who it chooses to love. So this was something they would have to work through.

Yeah, I know I’m behind the times on this one! But, I’m trying to catch up and Kat knows I have been shipping this since the very moment Sri stepped into the story!

AHHHHHHH!!!! I so highly approve of this morally questionable relationship… Nothing bad better happen Kat!!! Or I swear… I won’t be able to guarantee Sage’s safety!