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Rory walked out of his lecture, glad that it was finally over. He looked around the campus quad and noticed Marissa at a broadcasting station. It looked to be she was shutting it down. He laughed to himself as he imagined her broadcasting live and the risk that imposes with a temper and a mouth like hers. Man, I’d love to hear what that broadcast was about though.. He thought as he started to walk towards her.

Rory: All done for the day?

Marissa glanced up at Rory and blushed a bit. She was still embarrassed and annoyed at him for walking in on her in the bathroom earlier that morning. She nodded as she fumbled with the buttons on her station.

Rory: So, what fantastic stories did you uncover for us today?

Marissa already knew he was picking on her again.

Marissa: I reported on the increased amount of perverts that seem to be residing in the dorms now.

She said, an obvious fabrication, as she resorted to banging on the control panel in front of her. Rory couldn’t help but bust out laughing, not only at her response, but also at her obvious inability to navigate her broadcasting station.

Rory: Need some help with that?

Marissa turned and looked away pouting.

Oh.. he could be so infuriating!