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Rory leaned closer causing Marissa to back against the wall. Placing his hands against the wall on both sides of her head he dropped his voice to a lower tone as he spoke to her.

Rory: Really? You don’t remember?

Marissa: Wha… Did we…?

Rory: It was so touching.. I’m almost hurt that you don’t remember, Marissa.

His voiced purred at her.

Marissa: Wha… touching? Oh no..

Rory: Mhmm…so very very touching.. I mean it’s not every day that a college guy is late to his first class because he was too busy making sure that a very intoxicated girl he just met makes her way safely back to her dorm, and leaving her in the care of her roommate, without taking advantage of her the night before.

Marissa: Wait.. so you left me with Tiffany. She changed my clothes?

Rory nodded while grinning, causing Marissa to slap at his chest while pushing him away.

Marissa: You’re a jerk Rory Bailey!

Rory laughed while rubbing his chest.

Rory: Hey, is that anyway to talk to your protector?

Marissa: Ugh!

She pushed past him to stomp off dramatically. He grabbed his backpack and turned to follow her out while still chuckling behind her. He couldn’t help but think that she was most adorable when she was a little mad like this.

Yep. Definitely worth missing lunch for.