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As Marissa waited for the door to close behind them she sighed and took a deep breath. Rory could tell she was nervous and agitated. He found it all highly amusing.

What ever this is, may be worth missing a meal before my next class . He thought to himself while trying to contain a grin.

Marissa: Okay.. so, I’ve never really had alcohol before and I may not have fully anticipated the affect it might have on me. So anything that I may have said or done last night can not be held against me or anyway taken to mean anything!

He couldn’t help chuckling at her.

Rory: Okay. Noted.

He started to leave and she grabbed at him.

Marissa: No no! Wait! So… umm.. What did I say… or do.. What happened.. you know after we left?

Rory cocked his brow at her and smirked slightly.

Rory: You don’t remember?